Our story

In 2004, Mr. JIANG Lizhang founded an advertising company which is the current Desports.

For ten years we’ve beendedicated to global sports marketing with professionalism, passion and creativity.

In 2004, we started with successful cooperation between Luís Figo and Seven Brand menswear.
Gradually we planned Erke’s tennis strategy, and introduced Letv and NVC Lighting to the world on grounds in top sporting events.
We are a bridge for Chinese brands and international events
We assisted 361° in sponsoring Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, entering the very core of the event.

In the next ten years, we intend to grow into a global conglomerate.

In 2015, Desports was acquired by a listed company with 820 million yuan, kicking off a golden decade.
Desports reached strategic cooperation with a top European sports marketing agency MBS.
We assisted Suning in purchasing all media rights for La Liga 2015-2020 seasons.
De media joined hand with sailor GUO Chuan, presenting full-length sailing documentary “Chuan’s Ocean”.
De tech and badminton leader SOTX launched revolutionary smart rackets – three-body S