desports facilitated the transfer of the World Cup copyright for Hong Kong, scooping profit of more than 10 million.
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On December 1st 2017, DDMC released a public announcement that its wholly-owned subsidiary desports completed the transaction between LeTV Hong Kong and PCCW on the distribution and transfer of 2018 Russian World Cup’s copyright for the Hong Kong region. desports again proved its positioning as “the overall solution provider in sports industry” with practical actions, as well as its influence and credibility in the international sports market. According to the announcement, desports could gain 2 million dollars profit from this transaction.


The Vice Chairman of DDMC and president of desports Mr. Lizhang JIANG said, “Such is the ‘effect of link’ brought by desports’ role as the exclusive sales agency for regional supporters of FIFA. Meanwhile, desports will continue to enhance communications with international sports organizations. On top of that, by using its influence, credibility and resource integration capabilities of the international sports market, desports will provide overall solutions for the Chinese sports industry and create a win-win environment with its peers.”